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GRANDMA, MI AMOR is an animated short film, inspired by a true story surrounding the nurturing and loving relationship between an African-American grandmother and her granddaughter. Despite their difference in age, Jasmine and her nurturing Grandmother Gwen are inseparable and do everything together.


Though this story is about my relationship with my grandmother, the characters for the short film are based on my grandmother and my daughter, Jasmine. The story represents millions of people that have an unbreakable bond with their grandparents, parents, and loved ones. 

In the beginning of the story, Grandma Gwen nurtures and takes care of her granddaughter Jasmine, raising her to be a kind and bright young woman. By the end of the film, it is now Jasmine's turn to lovingly care for her aging grandmother who receives a dementia diagnosis.


This short film will be emotionally moving, fun and full of love; a celebration of nurturing grandparents everywhere. This story was created to advocate for diversity in animation films and to highlight the universal bond between nurturing grandparents and grandchildren.

"a celebration of nurturing grandparents everywhere."



Gwen (Grandmother)


Jasmine (Granddaughter)

Jasmine's Mother


Janice (Bank Teller)

Visual Development


and... ACTION!

Check out Grandma Gwen and Jasmine in action promoting their new book, Grandma, I Want to Be by Felecia Williams.

Director: Felecia Williams

Animation: WOMO Studios 

Art Director: Fuuji Takashi

Voice-over: Felecia Williams and Kahla Fordyce

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Meet The Team



Felecia Williams


  • Instagram
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As the director of GRANDMA, MI AMOR, Felecia is the story creator and mastermind.

Felecia L. Williams was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the author of the children’s books "Grandma, I Want to Be" and "What if," which she wrote with her daughters. Felecia is also the author of "Morning Coffee with Mommy," a book dedicated to her grandmother.

Currently, she is an entrepreneur, mentor, and motivational speaker for young adolescent girls. Felecia currently lives in south-central Pennsylvania with her family.


Jasmine Whaley

Executive Producer

  • Instagram
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Jasmine Whaley is an entertainment marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. She got her start in the music industry at the age of 15. A serial entrepreneur, worked with top record labels, recording artists and lifestyle brands to create unforgettable brand experiences. 


Aliyah Jones

Executive Producer

  • Instagram

Aliyah has collaborated with such brands as K-SWISS, ULTA BEAUTY and many more when it comes to being part of the social media scene.

Aliyah is using her platform where she connects with young women and men about mental health and self-perseverance in hopes to make a docu series about mental health.


Fuuji Takashi

Art Director/Illustrator

  • Instagram

Fuuji Takashi is a children’s book illustrator and character designer from the Philippines. She is best known for illustrating Kailyn Lowry’s first children’s book, Love is Bubblegum. She is also noted for her works on children’s books featuring diverse characters. For her works on international publications, Fuuji has been featured in a local news in the Philippines. Her illustrations have been published in both digital media and prints around the world. 


Fuuji’s love for art justified her shift of career from being a professional nurse to an artist. While she considers nursing a noble job, nothing fulfills her more than being able to create and bring joy to people thru her art. Her greatest creative influences are Ghibli and Disney films.


Wendie Owens

Animation Director/Producer, WOMO

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As a Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, and Animator, Wendie Owens has been part of creative production and storytelling across multiple mediums for nearly 30 years.

Her creative and technical versatility led to work in television series, commercials, music videos, feature films and educational video games for Disney, Warner Brothers, MTV, H-Gun Labs, Cartoon Network, Mattel, and Hasbro.

Before WOMO, Wendy spent nearly a decade at the Science Museum of Minnesota. She traveled 

the world exploring ancient mythological caves and interviewing astronauts at NASA to capture 

images and sounds to help tell stories for hundreds of theater experiences and games in museums around the country.


Mike Owens

Animation Director, WOMO

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As a Director, Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Animator and Storyteller, Emmy winning animator Mike Owens has spent more than 23 years creating character driven entertainment for screens of all sizes and for audiences of all ages.

Mike began his career as a lead animator on Animaniacs and continued mastering his craft bringing life to commercial cartoon icons including Lucky The Leprechaun and the Trix Rabbit.

Mike is the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of the Amazon Original animated series "Danger & Eggs," for which he and his Directing crew each won an Emmy for Outstanding Directing in an 

Animated Program. Mike was also part of the animation team for "Hair Love," the Oscar winning Animated short film.


Andres Palma

Project Manager, Escena Animation Studio



Andres Palma is a classically trained visual artist with 18 years of experience creating assets for 3D animation pipelines, as well as assembling and supervising creative teams dedicated to the production of digital content for film and advertising.

Daniela Martin.jpg

Daniela Martin


  • LinkedIn

Daniela is a Science Communicator, Producer, and Researcher. She has been a consultant in strategic communication, and social and cultural management for governments, universities, and international organizations. She also has extensive experience in communication and media production.

She currently produces the graphic novel “Carlos Camarón”, a story about an honest and naive detective in search of justice.

Dwayne Jones.JPG

Dwayne Jones

3D Artist

  • Instagram



Dwayne Jones is a 3D artist based in Nigeria. He focuses on stylized character/cartoon characters. He currently freelances and also works on personal projects.
Dwayne tries to express his feelings through his art. He hopes to get more opportunities to get better.

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